If your organizer account has the RFID devices feature active, you can use the methods on this page to match RFID tags to your tickets.


Before calling any of the methods on this page, you must obtain a valid authorization token. To learn about obtaining an authorization token, please read the Authentication section.

Pair an RFID tag with a ticket

This method pairs the unique code of an RFID chip with an individual ticket. After pairing, the RFID code can be used as a parameter for the ticket checkin and ticket scan methods.

HTTP request

POST https://l.oveit.com/api/rfid/pair

Request parameters

Parameter Description
token A valid access token, obtained in the Authentication step.
ticket_code The unique ticket code. This can be obtained by scanning the ticket's barcode or QR code. It is also listed in plain text on the ticket.
rfid_code The string tag stored on an RFID chip.

Response example

    "ok": true