Event data

This page describes the API methods that help you pull information about your events.


Before calling any of the methods on this page, you must obtain a valid authorization token. To learn about obtaining an authorization token, please read the Authentication section.

List events

Returns a list of active events. The events are ordered by their start date, with perpetual events first in the list.

HTTP request

POST https://l.oveit.com/api/seller/events

Request parameters

Parameter Description
token A valid access token, obtained in the Authentication step

Response example

    "events": [
            "id": 100,
            "name": "Indila concert",
            "starts_at": "2016-08-31T02:00:00+00:00",
            "location": "Romexpo",
            "tickets": 50,
            "tickets_checked_in": 30,
            "tickets_sold": 50,
            "ticket_types": [
                    "id": 234, 
                    "name": "Entry ticket", 
                    "price": "100 USD"
                    "id": 235, 
                    "name": "VIP entry", 
                    "price": "200 USD",
                    "addons": [
                            "id": 8,
                            "name": "Free beers",
                            "uses": 4
                            "id": 9,
                            "name": "Free T-shirt",
                            "uses": 1


  • The starts_at value is null for perpetual events.
  • The tickets_sold property is deprecated and will be removed in future versions (it has been replaced by the tickets property)!
  • The addons property of the ticket type objects is only available if the "Multiple access" feature has been activated for your organizer account.