African-Jewish Alliance Summit - US Congress Meeting Room

Rayburn House Office Building, Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20515, USA
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Ending Slavery and Terrorism in Africa and Israel

How can citizens and elected officials in the United States defend the innocent victims of Islamic extremists overseas?

Many Americans are unaware that the kind of terrorist attack that happened in Israel on October 7 happens every few days in Africa.

In this "silent genocide," jihadist groups routinely rape, murder, burn, and abduct Christians and moderate Muslims in Nigeria, Sudan, and other African nations. These crimes against humanity are committed for the same reason as Hamas's attack on Jews in Israel: an ideological commitment to establishing Islamist dominance over all other cultures.

In this groundbreaking summit, representatives from the African and Jewish communities will join US officials and journalists to break the silence that has concealed these ongoing atrocities.

Held in Meeting Room 2255