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One of our founding team members at ImmersiVerse, Tiffany Madison Fogg, an Austin, TX local, was recently diagnosed with stage 3C triple-negative breast cancer. She is 35 weeks pregnant. Tiffany is a dedicated mother of two, a military spouse, and an entrepreneur dedicated to the disruptive technology space. Tiffany and her husband, Matt, an active-duty 19-year combat veteran, are expecting their third child, Madeline.

Additionally, her husband, Matt, 5-time combat deployed Apache Master Gunner for the US Army, was most recently deployed to Germany where he was on the front lines for NATO during the conflict in Ukraine. He was recently granted leave and has arrived back home to be with his wife and two other children.

Within weeks of diagnosis, doctors recommended pregnancy-safe chemo to urgently stop stage 4 progression. After one round of chemo, her cancer treatment was stopped for Baby Madeline’s welfare. She’ll deliver at 37 weeks via c-section and immediately resume chemotherapy for six months, immunotherapy, mastectomy, and radiation. Triple-negative breast cancer is fast and deadly and requires an equally aggressive response.

We at ImmersiVerse are raising money to help her with treatment so she can fight this battle against cancer and win it. Every single dollar goes straight to her family. With every single donation, one can claim our official limited edition ImmersiVerse NFT. 

Please help us give back to a beautiful family who has given so much for our country.